Blue Sky Farm's poultry are raised cage-free and range on fresh pasture during the season. They are fed local grain and are given no hormones or antibiotics. Chickens play an important role on Blue Sky Farm by adding and recycling nutrients, aerating pastures,
controlling insects and turning compost in their well appointed coop
all year round.


1988: Artemis Siminpoulus, co-author of The Omega Diet found that pastured eggs in Greece contained 13 times more omega-3
polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E than
eggs from caged hens in the United States.
1999: A study at Penn State found that eggs from pastured hens had
10% less fat, 34% less cholesterol, 40% more vitamin A, and four
times more omega-3’s than the standard USDA data.

2003: Tests run against the same breed of birds compared two groups:
One kept in standard confinement and the other on a pasture mix.
They found that the eggs had similar levels of fat and cholesterol, but
the pastured eggs had 3 times more Omega-3’s, 220 % more vitamin
E and 62% more vitamin A than eggs from caged hens.

*Mother Earth News: Oct./Nov. 2007 “Meet Real Free Range Eggs”
Cheryl Long


Our laying hens live on pasture in a mobile chicken house surrounded by a portable electric fence during the grazing
season, the whole operation is moved weekly to fresh grass. During the winter months, the hens are housed in a central
location where they spend their time picking through table scraps, weeds, and bedding looking for insects and worms. The rest of
their diet is made up of local grains. They receive no hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products. They live in small group, establish a natural pecking order, and lay their eggs in nesting boxes. Happy hens make healthy eggs, and the difference is definitely visible. The result is dark orange yolks that stand up in the pan and are easily separated from the whites without breaking. It is a difference that you can see and taste.

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